Score Card

General Rules

The aim of the game is to play the ball into all the given holes and goals with as few strokes as possible. The ball is kicked directly from the ground. Every touch of the ball counts as a stroke. Course hazards are detailed on the start board and on the scorecard. For each hole there is a given par-number; this is a guideline for the number of strokes. A flight can be played by a maximum of four players who start the game at the same time and play 'against' each other.

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  PDF Version

trophy money:

€ 500,- Ladies single
€ 1500.- Men singe

Inclusive services:

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1. Footgolf Club Oberösterreich
GC Windischgarsten
Edlbach 96, 4580 Edlbach
Phone: +43 7562 20678-50